Private enterprise “GALEKS-AGRO” was founded in 2008.

The aims of the company are: to improve the quality of land, clean environment, organic livestock and crop production, their processing to provide population naturally clean food products, creation of new working places in rural areas.

The enterprise for had been rented nonyelled land units in Novograd-Volynskyi and  Baranovsky districts of Zhytomyr region, most of which weren't cultivated for 20 years.

Private enterprise "GALEKS-AGRO" is a vertical integration of the companies (ORGANIC MILK LLC - ORGANIC MILK TM, ORGANIC MEAT product LLC - ORGANIC MEAT TM),  creating productive link from organic crops and livestock production to organic raw material processing at the first in Ukraine dairy plant  ORGANIC MILK LLC (TM “O”), with the capacity of 30t / day, which produces only certified organic products.

Nowadays GALEKS-AGRO PE grows the crops on land area of 8 542,4 hectares, that are certified according to EU requirements and have the status of organic farming.

All agricultural products and industrial facilities certified by the Swiss Institute of Environmental Marketing (IMO), the International certification body "Organic Standard" and is under control and meet the requirements laid down in Council Regulation (EC) № 834/2007 and №889 / 2008, Bio Suisse standards (Switzerland) and Bioland (Germany).

GALEKS-AGRO PE works within the frameworks of Swiss-Ukrainian project “Development of organic market in Ukraine” (2012-2016).

The aims of the project are: to influence the development of organic sector in Ukraine and integration of Ukrainian small and medium enterprises into international trading with certified organic products.

The project activity is focused on widening of cultural areas under organic arable crops and implementation of measures for quality improvement and increasing of dairy products trade in Ukraine.

The project is implemented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland).